Spammers, will they ever learn?

I have to laugh at the spammers, I logged into the back-end of my blog and noticed there was about 1,700 comments in the spam bin.

One of the reasons I switched back to WordPress was because of Akismet, an official WordPress spam blocker which is so efficient at spotting the spammers that I only had to review a total of 14 comments that it missed.

I always make sure I set the comments to “moderated” so frankly spamming my posts saying things like “I’m telling my friends how great your posts are” followed by a link to sell some brand of clothing is a waste of their resources as their comments will never be seen on my blog.

It takes very little time and causes zero inconvenience to me when reviewing spam as it only takes me about 3 clicks to block the spam.

I wouldn’t mind so much if the spammers were to ensure their spambots would actually post relevant spam to the article but apparently this is too much of an ask.

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